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Chinati Management Corporation Ltd., is an investment manager that specializes in recognizing and building value within our specialist niche areas. Our contrarian philosophy, global reach, combined with depth of investment and operational expertise sets us apart from other firms. Our complementary asset classes offer a unique investment platform. We dedicate the right mix of capital, time, and management, and operational expertise, to deliver successful investments out of challenging , opportune situations.
Our partners and associated partners have a wide range of experience. Some of our most noteworthy accomplishments have been in situations involving complicated structures, cyclical and regulatory risk, and distressed and turnaround situations. We maintain a mid to long-term perspective on investments to allow asset based investments grow to meet their full potential.
Currently our core area of focus is within the shipping industry and UK property. In addition a portion of investments are placed in "venture" companies, and opportunities; offering as seed capital to smaller to medium sized venture companies in related service industries.


Our aim within the property sector is to capitalize on the real-estate opportunities arising from both local and external genuine demand for quality assets. The Project Manager believes that this approach will deliver significant capital appreciation through an investment strategy that matches the skills and experience of the Project Manager. The objective is to seek to acquire a flagship seed asset and then focus across four key investment sectors to bring additional diversification. Despite a current slowdown in the market, the property in careful selected regions and property sectors of the UK is offering buyers greatly reduced prices along with reliable long term investment opportunities.

Property investments


The core of our business is to capitalize on our experience and in-depth knowledge about the shipping, oil and gas industries. Our industry knowledge has provided us with several opportunities to capitalize on the upside potential in these segments.
The key for any investments within this industry is timing and cost of assets. In general we believe that most assets within the shipping industry are currently attractively priced. The three segments we have defined, offer opportunities to take a substantial share of the business which in turn will allow us to add value on top of the expected appreciation of the assets and their revenues.



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